Devich Drama Puts England Through


England 1-0 Ukraine

England topped the group last night with an edgy win over co-hosts Ukraine. Wayne Rooney was the name one the goal – his first in a tournament for eight years.

How Steven Gerrard’s pass found itself going all of the way to Rooney no-one will ever know, but that doesn’t matter now, as England managed to do something they hardly ever do. They only needed a draw, but they held on to the win, but this is not the whole story.

Marko Devich had beaten Joe Hart and was going to score. Though John Terry came racing back and lumped the ball off the line and over his head. The shot was clearly in and like never, England had good luck, as the goal was disallowed. This is rare, as we experienced for example at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, but let’s forget that now, as we’ve topped the group and we’re through to play Italy in the quarter-finals on Sunday.

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