England Win in Wembley Thriller

[photo: PA]

England 2-1 Brazil

The old guard shone last night as England beat Brazil at Wembley. Ronaldinho was denied the first goal when Joe Hart saved his penalty.

England fought hard yesterday to earn a brilliant victory over legends Brazil. Ronaldinho had his penalty saved by Joe in the first half, and Wayne Rooney scored to make Hart’s save count for something. In the very early stages of the second half, Gary Cahill was made to pay for dribbling the ball out of defence, as Fred the striker smashed home an equaliser. Half an hour from the end, Frank Lampard won the match for England with a long range volley effort the hit the post and went in, beating Julio Cesar hands down. The rest of the game was just detail, as the score was the main story, but Neymar [right] seemed to play like the complete opposite of a brilliant footballer.

The whistle sounded from the mouth of well-known Portuguese referee Pedro Proença and the noise inside Wembley dramatically rose as English supporters actually made it real to themselves that England had just beaten Brazil.

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